When I Grow Up…

At MistyWest, we play a lot. Childlike creativity, optimism and wonder drives our innovation. From finger-painting sessions to intense nerf-gun battles, MistyWest is a place where you unleash your inner child and just let them flourish. Will we ever grow up? The jury is still out on that one. Below, some Westies share what fuels their inner child, and what they would want to be when they grow up:

Angela May
P.Eng, Mechanical Design Engineer

My childhood hero was Dr. Emmett Brown from Back to the Future. I wanted to be an inventor long before I knew what an engineer was, and I’ve always had a persistent need to solve problems in my life. At MistyWest I’m able to bring that passion and creativity to work every day. I like to create the plans that are steadily turning our dreams about the future of technology into reality. The opportunity to have hands-on involvement in work that is making an impact is the best part about working at MistyWest. I appreciate that I can lend my skills to almost anything that needs doing — the design engineering that’s at the core of my role, but also everything as big as corporate strategy and as small as organizing a team outing. Last and definitely not least, I hold the Guinness World Record (alongside 600 other people, but who is counting?) for the largest breakfast in bed party.

Denis Godin
Industrial Designer

As a kid I spent my days roaming the woods behind my house: building forts out of branches and logs, carving sticks into swords, and piling dirt ramps to jump bikes off of were daily activities. My favorite part of was seeing my friends and the neighborhood crew be able to have fun using what we’d made together. I’ve carried part of that into my professional career as an industrial designer; I’m still that kid at heart that loves to make things for other people. At my core I am interested in finding out what people want, how to best meet that need, and how to make their dream a reality. What I appreciate most about working at MistyWest is being part of a tight-knit team that that has the skills to take on a wide range of technically challenging projects and make people’s ideas come to life. Coming to work and being able to support and contribute to this group of highly capable people is a true privilege.

Justin Lam
EIT, Mechatronics Engineer

As an eight-year old boy, I wanted to become a Jedi Knight. Maneuvering starfighters through the Hoth asteroid field whilst in aerial combat, jousting battle droids wielding nothing but a lightsaber, and having my hand sliced off to make space for my own mechno-arm were the epitomes of my childhood fantasy. Reality came quite bluntly, yet these dreams continued to flourish. These days, they follow more along the lines of developing a steering system for a model hovercraft providing optimized maneuverability, attacking design challenges with a pen and paper, and studying the possibilities of bionic technology. I also do a fair amount of rock climbing, mountain biking, and beatboxing; to ensure that I am adequately prepared to take on the Dark Side on the day that I am finally called to join the Jedi Order.

Kevin Lockwood
Systems Engineer & Bluetooth Specialist

I grew up in Chile; a beautiful, mountainous strip of land lining the South American continent. Naturally, I developed a profound appreciation for adventure, and have always gravitated towards life experiences that test my limits. Four years ago I dove right into the deep-end of the IoT world as Director of Engineering for the first cloud-based Anti-loss IoT company. Being at MistyWest feels like being an explorer in a tech jungle: my days are spent carving the path for the IoT industry by working on projects that will define the future of the industry. If you don’t find me at my desk coding away, you can find me meticulously brewing coffee or in one of Vancouver’s boxing rings.

Muhab Tomoum
UBC Co-op Student in Electrical Engineering

Born in Egypt around the time that Ahmed Zuwail received his Nobel Prize and ignited the scientific aspirations of a whole generation of Egyptian children, I was the stereotypic child engineer and every mother’s nightmare child. I was always prying my toys apart, breaking everything I could get my hands on and jamming objects into each other. With time and the support of my parents, my toy box grew to include electronics components ranging from electric motors to LEDs; and my uncle, a computer engineer, became one of my best playmates. My toy box has not stopped growing since. For the past eight months, my playground has been MistyWest’s thousand-square-foot lab, where my passion for electrical engineering has grown thanks to supportive and incredibly bright mentors who have availed themselves to answer all my questions, and challenged me to create crazy inventions of my own. I have picked up a knack for nerf-gun battles and a soft spot for Steve, our office dog. However, my life goal has not deviated much from the time that I was eight years old: to join Zuwail in the Egyptian Hall of Fame.

Kevin Robbie
P.Eng, Ph.D, Principal Scientist

I have always been an engineer and scientist — from building dental-floss-cabled elevators with Lego, to taking apart my bike right down to the bearing balls, to experimenting with a 9V battery on my braces (flash of light, clenched muscles, and a smell of ozone — not recommended). I spent a bit longer than most finishing up my education (PhD + 15 years as a Professor), then found a great match at MistyWest, where my broad scientific experience supports our “we do hard problems” mission to design and build the future of technology. After helping to cut up thousands of trees while working at a sawmill, and using more in my many woodworking projects including a cedar-strip canoe, I now express my appreciation by visiting old-growth forests, and tending a growing collection of bonsai trees.