Neurio Home Energy Monitor

The Neurio Home Energy Monitor is a device that monitors energy consumption in the home, and allows users to better manage their energy usage to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Neurio approached MistyWest to help design and prototype a concept enclosure for a Gateway device, which would be used to connect SmartHome devices into a single network, including Neurio’s Home Energy Monitor. Customer personas were created to help determine the industrial design of the product, from which the outer surfaces were defined, and then mechanical features for manufacturing and assembly were added to the internals. Considerations for branding, connector locations, status LED indicators to provide information to the user, structural support, and overall assembly sequence were just a few of the many design details that needed to be figured out. MistyWest provided Neurio with 12 sets of prototype enclosures that were built up into fully functional units, which were then used to showcase Neurio’s technology and capabilities to potential customers.


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