Thur, Jun 2 – 6:30 PM



554 East 15th Avenue, Vancouver, BC (Second Floor)


$5 per person

Hello Creators, it’s time to have another meetup! This is long overdue – we’ve been in heavy construction and growth mode. But spring is fully sprung, and it’s time to talk about a topic frightening to some, difficult to most, and essential to all entrepreneurs – Fundraising.

For those who attended our first meetup in this series on Prototyping, launching a viable business starts with getting your hands dirty by making stuff. But as many of you who have been in this game for a while know, bootstrapping – no matter how lean your operation – can only get you so far. At some point in the birth of your new venture, probably much earlier than you expected, you have to face the fundraising dragon.

This meetup is focused specifically on raising private capital. There are many sources of funding, like crowd-funding, small business loans or lines of credit, grants and programs such as IRAP and SRED, and later sources such as venture capital and public offerings, but we can only have a couple of speakers and we wanted to tackle the one source that beguiles many entrepreneurs early in the launch of a company – Angels and other private investor entities.

Our great speakers this time include (bios on the meetup page):

Kevin Hart, Founder and CEO of Tzoa,

Kevin Cruz, Founder and CEO of ORA Scents, and

Kirk Hamilton, Executive/Business coach, Angel Investor, Advisor

You really don’t want to miss this!

We hope you will join us for the discussion. Sign up soon, as we only have 120 spots!

– Team MistyWest

To register, please visit the sign-up page.