Words From Our Clients

  • "We engaged MistyWest with an idea and a crude proof of concept. 12 months later, we had a refined cutting-edge technology and an award winning product. Their team of passionate engineers consistently under promised and over delivered on time."

    Kevin R. Hart Founder and CEO of TZOA
  • "Misty West has consistently delivered on the promise of fast, innovative, smart engineering for our projects – no matter what we needed.  They have been tremendously valuable as partners in advancing our mission as a medical device start-up of saving lives and improving health outcomes."

    Loki Jörgenson CTO , Lions Gate Technologies
  • "AFCC is extremely happy and impressed with the job that MistyWest has done. We are all impressed with your process of analyzing a problem, developing root cause theories, coming up with new concepts, thoroughly and properly testing these concepts and presenting results in front of engineers. Thank you everyone at MistyWest!"

    Wayne Dang Plate Design Lead, Automotive Fuel Cell Corporation
  • "MistyWest sets new bars for speed, innovation and execution in product development – from conceptual design to prototyping all the way through the often complicated and unpredictable aspects of factory production.  The ability to move fast while never losing attention to detail is rare, and really is their sweet spot.  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the team across several projects and we’re sure there will be many more ahead."

    Dave Meeker Vice President, Isobar
  • “MistyWest helped with developing prototypes for the Copenhagen Wheel at the very beginning of our journey. From drawings to sourcing, the support we got was great.”


    Assaf Biderman Founder & CEO of Superpedestrian & Associate Director of the SENSEable City Laboratory at MIT.
  • “MistyWest provided us with a range of novel concepts complete with guidance on appropriate manufacturing processes and expected costs. They were a pleasure to deal with at all times and brought real energy to the project. We’re delighted that we were able to get them working on our problem.”

    Ronan Conron Mechanical Engineer, Instream Energy Systems Corp.