We Deliver Outcomes

Who is MistyWest?

MistyWest is an engineering design consultancy that blends equal parts deep technical knowledge, creative fervor, aesthetics, experience, and the tools of our craft to serve our clients. Our carefully selected team of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Physicists, Electrical Engineers, and Industrial Designers can take ideas from napkin sketch to full production rapidly, so you can focus on scaling your business.

Beyond this, we have a strong focus on reducing the environmental impact of our design process and promoting the advancement of sustainable technology. We specialize in developing a range of renewable and clean technologies, including fuel cells, electric vehicles and renewable energy-related products. We use lead-free assembly techniques in our hardware, and apply cradle-to-cradle philosophy in all that we do.

“We started MistyWest to provide amazing service to our clients and to create positive change in the world, with aspirations for only modest growth. We now have a team of the brightest and most passionate engineers and designers. MistyWest has grown to provide full stack product development services to everyone from the smallest startups to the largest companies in the world, all while staying true to our values.”

– Josh Usher, founder of MistyWest

Meet Our Crew

Regularly making the impossible happen.
  • Josh Usher P.Eng
    Josh Usher P.Eng Senior Engineer / Founder

    Josh  is an engineering consultant with 8 years of experience in assisting with the development of a variety of sustainable energy and transport technologies. He has completed a degree in engineering physics and a masters in clean energy engineering. Josh has also worked on innovative technologies from electric bikes to solar cars and from fuel cells to smart grids. He led the team that created the first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the first vehicle-to-grid car in Australia.

  • Leigh Christie P.Eng
    Leigh Christie P.Eng Senior Engineer / Founder

    Leigh holds a masters degree from MIT in Art, Culture and Technology and an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics from UBC. For more than 15 years, Leigh has worked as an inventor and engineer on hard problems with a strong focus on entrepreneurship. In the process, Leigh has developed an unusual mix of skills in consumer product design, electronics, software, marketing and art.

  • Derek Disanjh EIT
    Derek Disanjh EIT Principal Engineer

    Derek holds a degree in Engineering Physics with a keen focus on project management and mechanical engineering. He is passionate about innovative design and is always looking for the elegant solution. Throughout his time at MistyWest, Derek has worked on a wide range of assignments including novel microfluidics design, disruptive medical devices, and innovative display technology.

  • Dylan Groven M.A.Sc
    Dylan Groven M.A.Sc Principal

    Dylan Groven holds a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering, with a focus on high-frequency integrated circuits, and has 8 years of experience selling product in the mobile communications industry. Dylan’s passion lies with expanding the role of the engineer as problem solver, merging pure science with art, and exploring the limits of technology.

  • Oleha Riden
    Oleha Riden Principal

    Oleha studied Environmental Science at the University of Ottawa and has a decade of experience in corporate, government, and start-up environments. She is an avid cyclist and draws inspiration from the nature of the west coast, driving her passion for technology focused sustainable design. Oleha thrives in a fast paced environment and enjoys enabling and connecting engineers, designers and collaborators. She is responsible for strategic execution of capital projects to develop the capabilities of MistyWest.

  • Angela May P.Eng
    Angela May P.Eng Mechanical Design Engineer

    Angela has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of British Columbia. She has extensive experience in the industrial energy efficiency sector, and substantial experience as a mechanical designer. MistyWest Cartoonist Laureate.

  • Denis Godin
    Denis Godin Industrial Designer

    Denis has a Degree in Industrial Design from University of Alberta and is MistyWest’s Industrial Designer. His lamp design, WAV/FORM recently won international acclaim in the Lighting Architecture Movement Project.

  • Taylor Cooper EIT
    Taylor Cooper EIT Mechatronics Engineer

    Taylor has a degree in Engineering Physics (Mechatronics Option) from the University of British Columbia. He has 7 years of experience in biotech, mechanical engineering and product development. He has been involved in the development of multiple complex instrumentation projects from prototype, to MVP, to certification and manufacturing.

  • Justin Lam, EIT
    Justin Lam, EIT Mechatronics Engineer

    Justin studied Mechanical Engineering with a specialty in Mechatronics at the University of British Columbia. His commitment to efficient design solutions allows him to excel in both mechanical and electrical capacities. Justin’s skills include 3D CAD design, rapid prototyping, and software development.

  • Senzeni Mpofu
    Senzeni Mpofu Engineering Consultant

    Senzeni holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on bioimaging technologies from Yale University. Previously, she lived and worked in Shenzhen, China where she assisted foreign-led teams in navigating the Chinese manufacturing landscape and securing Chinese governmental funding. She speaks fluent Mandarin, and is in charge of external sales.

  • Daniel Law
    Daniel Law Electrical Design Engineer

    Daniel has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Simon Fraser University. During almost 10 years in industry, through prototyping, he has brought products from initial sketches to mass production. Daniel uses this experience to guide complex problems through schematic capture and PCB layout to a thoughtful, finished product.

  • Ryan Walker
    Ryan Walker Roboticist

    Walker holds a diploma in Mechatronics and Robotics from BCIT. Previously he’s worked in prosthetics and industrial automation. His passions lie in embedded computing, audio synthesizer design, reusable and modular system design, dogs, open-source hardware, web development, electromechanics, Linux and robots.

  • Aaron MacDonald P.Eng
    Aaron MacDonald P.Eng Mechanical Design Engineer

    Aaron is a Professional Mechanical Design Engineer, with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Victoria, experience in creating products to be manufactured in high volumes, and an intuitive understanding of how things work. His specialties include 3D CAD design, design for manufacture and design for assembly, conceptualization, prototyping and testing.

  • Dave MacLeod
    Dave MacLeod Electrical Engineer

    Dave has a degree in Systems Engineering from Simon Fraser University and Computer Science from Dalhousie. A talented electronics engineer specializing power systems design, he has made chargers and LED drivers that were more powerful and more efficient than anything else in their class on the market

  • Madison Reid
    Madison Reid Graphic Designer

    Madison is a graduate from the Visual College of Art & Design’s Graphic Design program and has over 6 years of professional design experience. In addition to working as the in-house Graphic Designer at MistyWest, she does freelance work for several non-profit organizations in Vancouver and runs her own activist apparel business on Etsy.

  • Kevin Lockwood
    Kevin Lockwood Systems & Bluetooth Engineer

    Kevin holds a degree in System Engineering from SFU with a specialized expertise in BLE and IoT technology.  Developing hardware and firmware for products in both the start-up world as well as high volume manufacturing engineering.  Kevin’s experience provides unique insight into product development from concept to mass production.

  • Kevin Robbie
    Kevin Robbie Principal Scientist

    Kevin has a BSc in Engineering Physics, and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Alberta). Before joining MistyWest, Kevin spent 17 years conducting experimental physics research, and teaching Engineering Physics, as a Professor at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Kevin holds 6 patents for thin film coating technologies, has 52 published scientific articles, and has experience in a wide range of scientific and engineering fields.

  • Chris Richards P. Eng, P.M.P.
    Chris Richards P. Eng, P.M.P. Project Manager

    Chris has a degree in Engineering Physics (Mechanical Option) from the University of  British Columbia. He has 17 years experience in the automotive fuel cell industry leading activities in research, product development, validation and management. As a project manager Chris is focused on building strong communication networks between all project stakeholders, and finding ways to streamline project execution.

  • Sean Edmond
    Sean Edmond Firmware Engineer

    Sean has gained a diverse set of hardware and software skills through 6 years in the semiconductor industry.  He has a degree in Electronics Engineering from Simon Fraser University and has completed over 2 years of internships in research labs and industry.  Sean loves to innovate and enjoys solving complex problems in digital systems.

  • Philip Tsao
    Philip Tsao Design Engineer

    Phil holds a degree in Electrical Engineering with a Biomedical specialization.  He has extensive experience with automation in the genomics & life sciences industry and is adept at electronics, mechanical design, firmware/software, and rapid prototyping.  He is particularly interested in product design, machining and design for manufacturing.

  • Luke Detheridge
    Luke Detheridge Facilities & Laboratory Manager

    Luke has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Emily Carr University and graduated from the Set Decoration program at Capilano University in British Columbia, Canada. He has a combined 15 years experience in design and fabrication of Sculpture, Costume and Installation projects. He is a commission based artist with strong connections in the design and fabrication community which allows him to enhance his experience to encompass many different artistic modalities.

  • Andreas Putz
    Andreas Putz Computer Scientist

    Andreas is a Scientific Computing expert with eight years experience in the fuel cell industry. He is an experienced team lead of geographically distributed and technically diverse teams with deep technical knowledge in mathematical modelling and data analysis.

  • Rebecca Apostoli
    Rebecca Apostoli People & Culture

    Rebecca has worked in the music, technology and non-profit sectors for over ten years cumulatively. Starting as a creative, all their professional ambitions are informed by an unbounded passion and drive to foster innovation and creativity. What continues to motivate is the joy in helping brilliant ideas come to life. Rebecca’s specialties include leadership, relationship management, and organizational strategy, to name a few.

  • Farheen Taquee
    Farheen Taquee Technical Project Manager

    Farheen holds a Master’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from University of British Columbia. She joined MistyWest after eight years in medical device industry working on imaging systems. She is a certified project manager, and has lean six sigma and advanced lean certifications. She is passionate about innovations that improve quality of life.

  • Steve Cooper
    Steve Cooper Director of Cardboard Consumption

    Steve was brought onto the team for his reliable work ethic and positive attitude. He is skilled at inter-office mediation and conflict resolution. Steve has closed the most deals with clients due to his persuasive nature and refusal to take ‘No’ for an answer. He spends his days guarding the front door and checking on staff periodically to ensure morale stays high.

  • Milou Tsao
    Milou Tsao Employee Relations Specialist

    Milou is outgoing and flirtatious, which made her a suitable choice to be MistyWest’s specialist in employee relations. Though Milou and Steve can occasionally butt heads when it comes to the best method of keeping the team’s morale up, they are often found collaborating on new approaches to keeping the spirit of MistyWest playful yet productive.

  • Andre Marziali
    Andre Marziali Board Advisor

    A leading innovator, educator, and entrepreneur with over 20 years’ experience in developing tools for life science research and technologies for nucleic acid analysis, Andre founded Boreal Genomics with colleagues from the University of British Columbia in 2007. Andre received his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Physics from UBC in 1989, and his Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University in 1994.

  • Sam Goldman
    Sam Goldman Board Advisor

    Sam Goldman is D.light’s co-founder and CEO. He has founded and managed ventures in India and Africa for 10 years, including improved agriculture and construction businesses, an agricultural training centre, and a for-profit NGO cultivating the miracle tree Moringa. He has distributed low-cost latrines, cook stoves and rain cisterns in rural Africa.